Welcome to Terrinoth!

In ages past the world of Terrinoth was ruled by eldritch beings known as the Elder Kings. They ruled the world controlling the lesser races for ages until their race began to decline. As the strength of the lesser races increased and the Elder Kings died out, the races gained their freedom and grew and prospered in the New Age.

Until the coming of the Dragon Lords.

While dragons were not unknown to Terrinoth, the Dragon Lords had greater ambitions than just self-interest in their hordes and rampart destruction: they sought to conquer and rule over the lesser races. Some sought to move their way into society through trade and alliance while others through conquest and enslavement. The Dragon Lords wielded awesome strength, power and magical knowledge and eventually the once free peoples were dominated by a force at least as powerful as the Elder Kings of old.

In time the Dragon Lords formed two factions. To the north, the foul Magarth Coalition and to the south the Korina Alliance. War was inevitable and the world shuttered as the great Dragon Wars began. Margath’s forces strengthened by monstrous races and his foul minions the Dragonborn struck victory after victory, razing the great city of Thelsvar and the seat of power of Korina. Korina forced to put aside her pride made a grand alliance with the elves, dwarves, humans and orcs, teaching them the secrets of runecraft and draconic sorceries and with her new allies struck back at Margath. In a final conflict, Korina and Margath slew one another in an epic duel. The surviving three Dragon Lords were imprisoned in runestones, one taken by each of the great races (humans, elves and dwarves) – where they would be guarded for all time. Great destruction followed throughout the world from the Dragon Wars as entire nations were razed, many great heroes fell and ancient artifacts lost.

Over the years the races slowly rebuilt their place in the world, but Humanity prospered the most. Mankind became the dominant rulers of the cities in the lands of Central Terrinoth (Tamalir, Greyhaven and more) with the exceptions of Forge which remained the center of Dwarven culture in all the lands and Dawnsmoor which remained the heartland of Orc Country. As for the other races, the some of the Elves withdrew into the woods to live as they wished while others sought haven in the northern regions of Terrinoth. The dwarves made their own lives in the mountain strongholds, engaging in trade with the free cities but otherwise living as they wished. Other races failed to find their own footing and instead sought refuge amongst the humans.

Terrinoth is still a place with many threat and conflicts. Hundreds of years have passed and no conflict has ever matched the Dragon Wars. The scars of the Dragon Wars are still felt, but while the Dragon Lords have been defeated, the lands still have its share of troubles. Military wars have given way to political ones and leaders argue over borders and power. The once united front of Humanity and the lesser races has started to crumble as they turn on each other instead of sharing a common foe. It is a dark and dangerous time for all of Terrinoth.

Adventures In Terrinoth